1. bronzeace1 said: #2 is really nice! and i like the fact that number 3 is strapless but for some reason the pattern on #2 grabs the eyes really well! so #2
  2. that-misery-chick said: Oneee
  3. hoesocean said: option 2
  4. grushenkasvetlov said: Willow!!!! (They are all soooo cute tho)
  5. come-closer-vasilisa reblogged this from come-closer-vasilisa and added:
    I’m actually just going to wear all of these on top of each other.
  6. peonysubclune said: Oh my gosh al, 1!
  7. dinocology said: I like 3!
  8. whatsleftofmeisyours said: 1, I like how they all look but I like the pattern/color/description of that one. :)
  9. thelastmoonsoldier said: halter dress with roses!!!
  10. joeymuffin said: 3rd because a slight pinup look is the best look!
  11. ughcult said: wear the one that makes you feel the most badass! the second one does look hella cute
  12. reign-of-burmecia said: I love them all you are so beautiful
  13. popculturedd said: 1!!!! they all look rlly good on u tho
  14. teen-heat said: 1!!!
  15. bitter--queer said: Option 1! Sexy, pretty, red, makes you feel good
  16. ofools said: UUUUHH??? MIDDLE.
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Option 1: 90’s/00’s vampire Willow wanna be dress. We’ve literally owned this for maybe 9+ years. Makes me want to kill humans and stuff.
Option 2: halter dress with roses that are actually skulls- longer than the other 2 but makes my waist look tiny and butt look awesome
Option 3: floral strapless dress that isn’t really anything special but I dig the cut or it.


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